Everything You Need to Know about Building a Freelance Portfolio

Operations19 Team • June 22, 2021 • 5 Min Read

As a freelancer, having a freelance portfolio will help you get on track and attract clients. So if you are planning to personalize one for your freelance business, good job! 

Creating a portfolio is a great way to reflect on yourself before offering your services in the market. It will guide you to understand your weaknesses and amplify your strengths as a freelancer. But why is a good portfolio important?

An effective portfolio should:

  • Give your prospective clients an overview of what you can do for them and how you can help their business
  • Highlight your experiences and expertise in your niche
  • Provide a sneak peek at your previous projects
  • Share the stellar clients or previous brands you have worked with
  • Show off your range of skills as a freelancer 

In this case, you have to carefully assess which portfolio would work best for your business. Decide where you want to keep your portfolio, you can choose whether to publish online or create a file that you can submit through email.

It would be beneficial to create an online portfolio because your prospective clients can easily access it. Imagine pinning a poster on every bulletin board and lamp post you come across – that is how it will work.

There are a lot of amazing options where you can create your portfolio online but these are what we can recommend to beginners and aspiring freelancers like you:

  • Build a portfolio with Contently

Contently allows freelance creatives to showcase their writing skills by serving as a platform that you can use for free. Most freelance writers use Contently because of its uncomplicated interface and focused sampling of works and projects.

  • Start a blog or freelance writer website

Your online portfolio will not only represent your work but also you as an individual. Starting a blog will allow you to customize your profile to the extremes. Make sure your content is top-notch, informative, and engaging to attract readers and clients to work with you.

  • Tweak your LinkedIn profile

Did you know that you can display a portfolio on your LinkedIn profile? That’s right! Users are allowed to share their works, presentations, certificates, podcasts, e-books, videos, and just about everything that you can think about. Joining the LinkedIn community may put a little pressure at first, but it will help to build your credibility as a business. 

Now that you have finally decided where to post your portfolio, let us talk about which work you should add once you are ready. First and foremost, prepare your best work. Go over your previous projects from school, retrieve your files, browse your computer – you will find quality output from there. 

You can separate your work depending on what services you will offer. If you plan on writing, you might also want to collect the stories, poems, essays, and presentations you have written before. If you are practicing graphic design, you can compile your digital doodles, event posters, and even the photos you edited from years ago.

Not satisfied enough?

If you are unsatisfied with what you found, create sample works.

Write, design, photograph, and edit a work to be posted on your portfolio. Start with a blog post, a piece of a landing page, social media content, design a logo, print a piece of collateral and publish a mock-up webpage. Anything goes!

While setting up your portfolio, here are some questions that you should consider:

  • Who is my ideal client: point out their niche, approach, style, and target market
  • What problems can I solve for my client: to help, you should know the problem, have vivid research on a freelancer’s responsibility, and evaluate your services to make sure it fits
  • What kind of work do I want to offer: is it online social media management? Virtual assistance? content writing? Logo designing? Software development?
  • How am I different from my competitors: there will always be someone who will do the job better than you so ask yourself, what do you do best? 
  • Where do my skills lie: your freelancer portfolio is the compilation of your best works, make sure to add the outputs that you are proud of
  • Is this what I want to do? Ask yourself if this is the type of service you want to offer in the long run and evaluate yourself if you have the potential with this skill

Becoming a freelancer is rewarding, there are benefits that you could enjoy if you want to pursue freelancing, some of them includes:

Learning while making money

Of course, making money is probably the top reason why you even started to create your portfolio. But aside from that, it does not necessarily mean that you know everything when you become a freelancer. So you still have to learn through experience, connect with other freelancers, and even enroll in online courses for skill mastery.

Be your own boss

Working in an office from 9 to 5 and coming home with many chores to finish is exhausting and anyone would agree. In freelancing, you can have a flexible schedule while working in the comfort of your home.

Enjoy more freedom in life.

Do you plan on commuting and sitting in your office for your entire life? Hopefully not. Aside from your earnings and living your dream job, it would be best to live your best life. You deserve it. As they all say, you only live once. So live it best!

Now that you are ready, it’s time to make your portfolio available to the public. Remember that having a good portfolio is essential to every freelancer, but it does not end there. You are now in the next stage, wherein you have to swim in the pond and find clients. Here’s a tip, narrow down your services and choose which skill you want to master. From there, you will be able to target specific clients – you can do it with Operations19!

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