Why Is Work From Home Better and Beneficial

Operations19 Team • March 26, 2021 • 4 Min Read

Work from home, is this better nowadays? Here are some crucial research findings that prove that working from home is the better option.

Why Is Work From Home Better and Beneficial

Work from Home Increase Productivity

A Stanford University study by Nick Bloom in 2015 found that working from home increases productivity by 13%. Why? Because employees tend to take fewer breaks. They also found out that employees were a lot happier and were less likely to quit their jobs.

Flexible Working Hours

UK, USA, Australian, and Indian businesses value the distance between home and office, as this retains top talents in their organization, therefore helping them become more successful.

Felstead and Henseke found that working from home helps employees attend to personal matters. This is why remote work now attracts not only more women but also disabled people.

Improves Work-Life Balance

When people have the flexibility to work wherever they want to, they struggle less. They can navigate to taking care of their loved ones with work. They can provide for the needs of their significant other when they are sick, they can be ready for their kids early or, simply get some quiet time on their own. Combining their personal and professional life, which is more time to be around with their family is a very important advantage. Knowing their spouse or their child is just nearby can be an insuring force.

No Commute

Without commuting, employees will no longer report late to work. They will always arrive on time, ready for what is expected of them. Another major benefit of working from home is the savings in commuter costs. If you own a car, how much money do you spend on gas annually? How many hours do you spend sitting in traffic, especially during rush hours? You should add this to the number of your working hours every day that’s your real salary per hour. Now if you remove commuting your hourly wage will increase. Also, include your automobile cost, that is how much you spend to maintain your car in top shape?

The Freedom to Wear Comfortable Clothes

Work from home allows you to wear anything you wish to wear (except when you have a zoom meeting). You can wear shorts, sweat pants, leggings, t-shirts, and flip-flops too if you like. That is less time going to the laundromat, thus more savings again.

Work from Home Prevents Office Distractions

By working from home, employees can set up quiet and uninterrupted work cycles. A survey conducted by Udemy says that workplace distractions affect performance and productivity. Even a minor interruption doubles an employee’s error rate.

Meanwhile, a UC Irvine study found people’s distractions increase stress and frustrations, which is detrimental to an employee’s health.

Save money on food

You are most likely aware that frequently eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and buying coffee at work may get expensive. These can add up fast over the cost of the year. At home, you can save a lot by buying at the store and preparing your food. You can make healthier and cheaper food too. You can make food that you like and avoid the ones you dislike, whenever you please. And on top of that, if you like coffee, you can brew your cup any way you want it!

Pets are therapeutic 

With full of stress and anxiety this year, studies show that playing with your pets reduces stress-related hormones in the body. It can raise the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. This improves mental health.

Lifestyle Flexibility

Working from home gives you the option of setting your preferred work hours. You can use your laptop and conduct business in other people’s homes or other office locations. The flexibility of work schedules and developing personal lives are crucial for a happy employee.

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